Missed bin collection

You've missed my bin

If we have missed your refuse, recycling or garden waste bin, we apologise for any inconveniece this has caused.

Reasons for missed collection

If your bin wasn’t collected on its scheduled day, there could be a number of reasons why. So, before you contact us, check that the following factors aren’t responsible for your missed collection:


Your bin should be placed clearly visible and not cause any obstruction at the front of your property. It's helpful if the bin is positioned so the handles are towards the street.

Day and time

Make sure your bins are put out on the right collection day and before 7am. You may wish to check your bin collection day or any schedule changes for Bank Holidays.

Wrong items/contamination

If you have put the wrong items in your bin, it will not be emptied. A contamination sticker will be placed on your bin to notify you of this. If this does occur, you will need to remove all the wrong items and the contamination sticker from your bin.

Weight restrictive

The contents of your bin must weigh less than 30kg for Health & Safety reasons, otherwise our crew or waste trucks cannot lift it. You will need to lighten the bin for safe disposal.


Overfilling your bin and jamming the waste into it can prevent its contents from being emptied. You will need to remove these items and ensure the lid is fully closed to safely secure the contents.


Any refuse placed at the side of the bin will not be collected. This waste can be taken to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Non-compliant bin

We can only collect bins belonging to Slough Borough Council. We cannot collect your waste until you have the correct bins in place. Contact Amey to arrange for a new bin.

Arrange a missed bin re-collection

If your bin was missed and providing the above was met, you can arrange a re-collection to have your bin emptied. Please report it to Amey, our waste collection partner, on freephone 0800 634 6301.

Once reported, and providing there is no reason for the bin not being emptied, we will aim to empty the bin within two working days.