Food poisoning and complaints

What is food poisoning?

This is an illness usually caused by food or drink consumed that was contaminated by bacteria or the poisons they can produce.

The bacteria or poisons can by recognised by the following symptoms:

  • diarrhoea
  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • stomach cramps
  • headache (from dehydration).

For further information on different types of food poisoning, see the NHS website.

If you think you have food poisoning consult your GP, who may arrange to take a stool sample for analysis.

If you think that your food poisoning is related to a food business in Slough please contact us.

Food Complaints

Slough Borough Council have a responsibility to ensure premises are being operated hygienically. If you have a complaint about food purchased in the Borough or about a food premises within Slough, it is important you pass on your concerns to the food & safety team.

Alternatively if you have a food complaint you can return the food to the shop where it was purchased and ask for a refund. If you decide to contact the food and safety team please be advised that we cannot seek compensation, our role is to simply investigate whether an offence has been committed and if the company has adequate food safety systems in place. 

If you wish to for the food and safety team to investigate a complaint you must bring the food and the packaging into the council offices (by appointment).  Please contact the food and safety team for further advice.