Slough Bus Station

Side view of Slough bus station.

Slough’s iconic new bus station opened to the public in May 2011.

Developed by Matthew Bedward, of BBLUR Architecture, the innovative bus station design provides a landmark building in the transport hub area of the project.

Other public areas for the Heart of Slough have also been designed by the same architects, to ensure a harmonious style which will lead people from the bus and railway stations into the town centre, making it a more pedestrian friendly place.

The form of the building derives from the idea of different wavelengths of light inspired by William Herschel’s famous infra-red experiment.

The building is clad in aluminium shingles which will create a softly textured metallic surface which will change character with the varying light conditions.

Facilities include a café, toilets, comfortable waiting areas and real-time bus timetable information letting you know exactly when to expect your bus to arrive.

The new bus station has been built on the site which was previously occupied by Compair House on Wellington Street. Demolition of the old bus station started in September 2009, with construction work on the new bus station starting in January 2010.

The futuristic new bus station, set within a pedestrian friendly access route to the town centre, provides a welcoming arrival to Slough.