Community Governance Review 2018

Slough Borough Council carried out a review of community governance arrangements within the borough area - including the parishes and their electoral arrangements, and also other forms of governance not involving parishes.

The aim of the review was to consider and bring about improved community engagement, better local democracy and more effective and convenient delivery of local services, and to ensure electors across the whole borough are treated equitably and fairly.

The review was conducted in accordance with the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 and the council had  regard to the Guidance on community governance reviews issued by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. For further information about why the council conducted this review see Background.

During the first stage of the consultation period, which ran from 11 June – 3 August 2018 , the council invited local electors and other interested parties to submit their views on existing arrangements in their local area, together with any proposals for change.

There were three parish councils in Slough when the review began:

  • Britwell
  • Colnbrook with Poyle
  • Wexham Court.

Each parish council had a list of duties.

Ward boundaries, including parishes.

See the key dates for the 2018 Community Governance Review.

Parish councils are the most local tier of local government in England with specific powers and budgets for which they are democratically accountable.

They provide a range of services which vary between one parish council and another but may include community centres, police community support officers, youth clubs, maintenance of public open spaces, children’s play area equipment, community events, environmental projects such as landscaping, tree planting, seats and bins, as well as being consulted on local planning applications.

Parish councils pay for these services by raising precepts from their residents each year. 

Parish population and precepts

Parish Number of councillors Electorate 2017 Electorate 5 year forecast to 2022 Precept (Band D) £
Britwell 7 1,735 1,740 66.10
Colnbrook with Poyle 12 4,228 4,388 49.40
Wexham Court 11 3,531 3,771 36.72

Response to initial consultation

Submissions, views and comments were made to the council on each of the parish councils during the initial consultation period and notes were taken at the public meetings which took place.

The council considered a report at its meeting on 27 September following the initial consultation period.

Second stage consultation

A Public Notice has been published announcing the start of public consultation on the council’s recommendations which runs from 1 October until 9 November 2018.

In this stage of the consultation local electors and interested parties including the parish councils have been invited to submit their views on the recommendations for:

Response to second stage consultation

Submissions, views and comments were made to the council on each of the parish councils during the second stage consultation period.

The council considered a report at its meeting on 27 November.

Final decisions - Britwell & Wexham Court Parish Councils

The council held an Extraordinary General Meeting on 18 December. You can read a copy of the report.

The Council resolved as follows: final decision on Britwell & Wexham Court Parish Councils.

Final decisions - Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council

The council resolved the below.

  1. That the written responses received in relation to Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council be noted.
  2. That the results of the advisory postal poll on whether the parish council is effective and engages effectively with local people be noted.
  3. That the parish council be urged to give consideration to the views expressed via the poll and improve its engagement with local people with an emphasis on the Westfield/Brands Hill area (PD CPA), where the poll demonstrated lower levels of public support.
  4. That the borough council will review the parish’s performance again toward the end of its next term of office and reserves the right to test public opinion in a further advisory postal poll if it is not satisfied that it is engaging widely with local people.

The Slough Borough Council (Reorganisation of Community Governance) Order 2019