Community governance review timetable

Stage Action Timeline Outline of Action
1 Report to full Council 29 January 2013 Council approves principle of review and its terms of reference.
2 Publish terms of reference 1 February 2013 Council publishes terms of reference and notifies stakeholders of the commencement of the review.
3 Invite initial submissions 1 February/ 31 May 2013 Initial submissions invited
  • Consultation with parish councils
  • Consultations with parish and borough councillors
  • Local groups and interested parties to be consulted
  • Information pack to be sent as requested

Representations/proposals to be sent to Slough Borough Council.

4 Consider submissions 31 May/ 30 June 2013 Consider submissions and prepare draft recommendations for report to council (23 July 2013.)
5 Publish draft recommendations 29 July/14 October 2013 Publish draft recommendations for further consultation.
6 Make final recommendations 14 October/15 November 2013 Consider further submissions and prepare final recommendations for report to council (26 November 2013).
7 Publish final recommendations December 2013 Publish final recommendations and make Order.