Parish council duties

Britwell Parish Council

  1. Management of recreation ground, hall, bar and facilities within the Community Centre grounds on Long Furlong Drive
  2. The Parish Council is consulted by the planning authority on all developments affecting the village and responds to all applications.
  3. Liaise with relevant authorities regarding infrastructure /policing/community issues to represent your views and get the best advantage for the local area
  4. Engage with all interested parties regarding current and future shape of life in the local area

Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council

  1. The Parish Council is consulted by the planning authority on all developments affecting the village and responds to all applications.
  2. The Parish Council has the right to be consulted on many local and national government issues and provides a local perspective in responses to consultation requests.
  3. The Village Hall is an independent Trust with Parish Council representation.
  4. The Parish Council provides lighting through the centre of the village during the Christmas season. They also provide trees, lights and decorations during the festive period.
  5. The Parish Council makes random inspections of footpaths and reports any known issues to the District Council for rectification.
  6. The Parish Council owns 6 notice boards, various seating, and litter bins together with the whole of Colnbrook Recreation Ground and its play equipment. It maintains these and a range of other assets around the Parish.
  7. Grants towards maintenance are made to the local Church Authorities on an annual basis.
  8. Activities are publicised via the Parish Council notice board, public notice board, a newsletter, its web site and in local newspapers.
  9. The Parish Council will oversee cleaning that has not been addressed by the regular service provided by Slough Borough Council.
  10. The Parish Council has an involvement with the maintenance of the local graveyards.
  11. Security considerations including liaison with the local Constabulary and Police Authority is a regular activity of the Parish Council. The Parish Council currently fund two Police Community Support Officers PCSO's.
  12. The condition of highways and footways and the operation of street lighting is monitored and problems reported to the highway and street lighting authorities for action. An agreed plan of small maintenance work is regularly reviewed with the highway authority.

Wexham Court Parish Council

  1. Your Council provides a 'voice' for you, the residents of Wexham, in dealing with the wider issues that affect our Community at Borough level. Our status as a Local Authority provides a doorway to information that would not otherwise be available to us as individuals.
  2. Your Council provides and maintains recreation areas for use by the Local Community, and also runs a Community Hall which can be hired at a discounted rate by Wexham residents.
  3. The recreational areas that are under the control of WCPC are protected by Leases that are negotiated on your behalf by the Members and Officers of the Council.
  4. Furthermore, we strive to protect neighbouring recreational areas and preserve our environment and, although these are not under our control, we are empowered with a certain amount of influence in the negotiation of compromise. We are committed to reaching a balance and finding solutions that are in the best interests of our residents, whilst also satisfying the needs of the Borough Authorities.
  5. Your Council provides an Allotment Site on which you can rent a plot at very low cost in order to enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables for your family.
  6. Your Council holds regular public meetings to keep you informed and you are always welcome to attend these meetings, during which time is allocated for you to voice your opinions or raise matters of concern.
  7. We make ourselves available by several means of contact, including telephone, letter, email, this Website, or by simply knocking at our front doors.
  8. We also maintain communications and attend meetings with other official bodies and neighbouring authorities, to represent your views and to ensure that they are dealing with issues that may affect our area.
  9. Your Council ensures that Health & Safety regulations are complied with and Risk Assessments are carried out on the local public amenities.
  10. We also carry out Estate Inspections and report faults, i.e. streetlamps, potholes, vandalism, removal of abandoned vehicles, removal of litter, etc.
  11. Your Council supports local groups, including the Brownies and St. Mary's Church, and also offers concessionary rates of hire for the Parish Hall to groups that provide a service that is of benefit to the Community.
  12. Your Council maintains regular contact and good relations with our local schools, who are happy to offer their assistance in resolving youth issues in our Parish.
  13. We also challenge anti-social behaviour and liaise with the police when necessary.
  14. The Parish Council is consulted by the planning authority on all developments affecting the village and responds to all applications.