Recommendations for Wexham Court 2018

Public consultation on council recommendations


The council believes there is a case for abolition of the parish and dissolution of the parish council and is recommending as part of this review that local electors and other interested parties are consulted on this option.

The borough council recommendation is that Wexham Court Parish Council should be abolished.

Whilst the borough council’s recommendation is that the parish council should be abolished, if there were to be significant local support for its retention, the borough council is, at the same time, consulting on changes to the boundary, size and the name of the parish council for as long as the parish continues in existence.

Changes to parish boundary

There is evidence from the initial consultation that there is little public awareness of what the parish council does and an impression that its main focus and activities serve only a small part of the parish area.

The borough council wishes to ensure its review leads to parishes that are based on areas which reflect community identity and interest and which are viable as an administrative unit. The borough council noted the new housing at Wexham Green and the recent housing development at William Hartley Yard and recommended the parish boundary be redrawn along the existing polling district boundary along the middle of the road in Knolton Way.

This would result in a smaller parish area that was in close proximity to the parish hall and allow the parish council to work more collaboratively and develop communication with both electors in the new housing development and employees residing in the accommodation blocks at Wexham Park Hospital, which are poorly served with facilities/poorly connected.

A smaller parish council would enable the focus to be on communication with the new emerging residential communities and in an area less well connected to services in the main urban area of Slough.

Wexham Court Parish

The borough council has also recommended the parish be renamed Wexham Green to more accurately reflect the revised parish area. The borough council has recommended the boundary of the parish be altered with effect from May 2019.

If the proposals are agreed, the new parish would comprise 1,027 properties and have an electorate of 1,325. A map showing the existing parish boundary and proposed boundary is set out below.

Existing boundary

Proposed boundary

Size of parish council

The proposed adjustments to the parish boundary have implications for the number of parish councillors and if the parish area and electorate are to be reduced in size, as recommended, the borough council believes there is also a case for making a corresponding reduction in the number of parish councillors.

The borough council is therefore consulting on a reduction in the number of parish councillors from 11 to 7 from May 2019 on the grounds that a smaller parish council would be able to operate in a more strategic and focused way and bring about improved community engagement, better local democracy and more effective and convenient delivery of local services.

Second stage consultation

A notice has been published announcing the start of public consultation on the borough council’s recommendations which runs from 1 October to 9 November 2018. In this final stage of the consultation local electors and interested parties, including the parish council, are invited to submit their views on the borough council’s recommendations.

What happens next?

Feedback from the consultation on the borough council’s recommendations and this advisory poll will be considered by the borough council on 27 November 2018.

At that meeting the borough council will make recommendations to the future of the parish council.

Postal poll

The council agreed to carry out an advisory all postal poll to seek views on the options. Poll papers will be dispatched to all electors in the parish. The poll is being administered by Electoral Reform Services (ERS) on behalf of the council and the ballot papers need to be returned to ERS by noon on Friday 9 November 2018.

Have your say

The council welcomes all representations from any person or body who may wish to comment or make proposals on any aspect of the matters under review. You can submit your comments directly online by completing this online submission form.

Or you can write to:
The Community Governance Review Officer
Democratic Services
Slough Borough Council
St Martins Place
51 Bath Road
Slough, Berkshire

Or email 

The closing date for the receipt of submissions and representations is 9 November 2018. Any representations on the review must be received by that date or they will not be considered. Responses to the consultation questions may be published on the council website and will be considered as part of the report to the council on the community governance review.

What happens next?

When we have had an opportunity to consider all the responses received the council will publish its final recommendations.