Annual monitoring report


The Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) forms part of the Local Development Framework. Slough's AMR covers the period from 1 April of one year to 31 March of the following year.

For more information on the AMR, please contact us.

The AMR also includes information on minerals and waste. This was previously produced jointly across Berkshire by the Joint Strategic Planning Unit which was closed in Autumn 2011. 

The purpose of the AMR is to:

  • assess progress being made on the production of LDDs to determine whether or not the timetable is being met 
  • assess whether policies and related targets within the DPDs are being met and whether they need revising   
  • consider whether LDDs need to be reviewed in response to new national policy or whether additional LDDs need to be prepared in light of changed circumstances 
  • prepare the trajectory of future housing supply against housing requirements
  • publish notification of Saved Policies that are no longer being implemented.

Annual Monitoring Reports: