Local Plan Proposals Map

This Proposals Map was adopted on 30 November 2010 at the same time as the Site Allocations Development Plan Document. The Proposals Map is currently only available as a series of A3 parts. The adopted Proposals Map identifies the areas of Slough Borough to which the various development plan policies will be applied. This includes the following:

  • areas for protection, including locally designated areas and Green Belt areas at risk from fluvial flooding (that is in flood zones 2 and 3) ·
  • sites allocated for particular land use and development proposals included in any adopted development plan document
  • areas to which specific policies apply, such as existing business area.

Some of the zonings are determined by actions that do not form part of the Development Plan Process. The boundaries of Conservation Areas are, for example, reviewed from time to time; the Wildlife Heritage Sites are re-surveyed and the areas subject to flooding are regularly remodelled by the Environment Agency. The Proposals Map also shows designations and allocations for Saved Local Plan Policies. It also has to show designations and zonings in the adopted Minerals and Waste plans.