Residential Extension SPD

These guidelines have been produced in light of increasing pressures for householders to build larger and more dominant extensions, and the impact of such extensions on both the general street scene and residential amenities within established residential areas of Slough. This SPD replaces the previous Development Control Guidelines for Residential Extensions approved by the council in 1994. Those guidelines proved to be of significant benefit in achieving satisfactory schemes and have generally been accepted by householders.

This SPD was approved for adoption on the 11 January 2010 by the Planning Committee at their meeting of 15 December 2010. This SPD now forms part of Slough’s LDF and is therefore a material consideration in the planning process. The principal purpose of this SPD is to provide additional guidance on how to interpret and implement Core Policy 8 (Sustainability and the Environment) of the Slough Local Development Framework Core Strategy 2006 – 2026 (adopted 2008) and of Saved Policies H14, H15, EN1, EN2 and T2 of the Slough Local Plan (2004), until such time as they are replaced by policies in other Development Plan Documents.

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