School travel measures and initiatives

Travel plan toolkit front cover

The key part of any school travel plan is the measures and initiatives which are implemented to encourage sustainable travel.

Slough Borough Council has developed a short toolkit which:

  • sets out a range of measures that can be implemented in schools to encourage sustainable travel
  • gives links for further information on each of the measures
  • includes key contacts with regards to school travel at Slough Borough Council.

The toolkit is not an exhaustive list of measures, it is meant to be a guide that assists schools when developing and implementing their school travel plan. If you have implemented any measures at your school which are not included in the toolkit the school travel advisors would love to hear from you.

Resources and case studies

SBC has developed a range of resources to help support your school when promoting sustainable travel:

Case studies of successful school travel schemes have also been developed:

For more information on any of the above please contact the school travel advisors on or 01753 477334.