Slough Local Plan 2026

The strategic policies that guide development in Slough are set out in the Core Strategy, these are supplemented by the Saved Local Plan Policies and application of the NPPF 'Presumption in favour of sustainable development.

Information about the emerging Local Plan 2016-2036 is available here:

Core Strategy 2006-2026 and Site Allocations DPD

The Core Strategy Development Plan Document was adopted by Full Council on 16 December 2008 and as such forms part of the development plan for Slough. It contains a spatial vision, spatial objectives, a spatial strategy and strategic policies on new development of housing, retail, leisure, employment and communities facilities, and protection of the natural and historic environment. The Site Allocations DPD supports the implementation of the Core Strategy.

Local Plan Saved Policies

The Local Plan for Slough sets out policies to control development was adopted by Slough in March 2004. The plan, including a Proposals Map, is available in PDF format below. Under the planning legislation, in order to extend the life of selected Local Plan policies beyond September 2007, the Council submitted a list of the policies it wanted to be saved in March 2007. At that time a total of 87 out of 140 Local Plan policies were confirmed 'Saved' by the Secretary of State. The list of policies that are used for Development Control purposes is reviewed in the Annual Monitoring Report. The list of policies currently in use is available below.

Other Documents

There are other policy documents that form part of the Local Plan and adopted documents (including the residential extensions guidelines) that provide the framework for assessing planning applications and guiding other forms of development in Slough. The Council is also committed to delivering a Five Year Plan.  These documents and more information is available below.