Workforce development

Partnership learning and development activities and events are listed here:

Safeguarding training

Early Help Assessment (EHA) training

The Early Help Programme is being developed and further courses and dates will be available soon. For further information please contact, or call the Family Information Service on 01753 476589.

Training on the Early Help Electronic System continues:

Private fostering training

All staff and volunteers who engage with children, young people and families in the course of their work are encouraged to take this short online training module about private fostering. The module:

  • describes what private fostering is
  • outlines the law on private fostering
  • explains the notification requirements and what you need to do.

Job shadowing

Job shadowing provides an excellent learning and development opportunity that helps to:

  • break-down professional silos
  • foster good professional relationships
  • leads to improved information sharing and better integrated working.

Multi-agency job shadowing allows all participants to learn more about:

  • each other’s organisations and roles
  • the opportunities and challenges that they face and
  • the limitations of their duties, powers and resources.

School staff

Details of professional development opportunities for teachers and other school staff in Slough can be found on the Slough Learning Partnership website.