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How can Slough Employ-Ability help you?

We will meet you to discuss the type of work you would like to do, the area you can travel to, plus the days and hours you would like to work. This could be a one to one meeting or you can invite your parents and carers to join you.

Following these discussions we will create an employment action plan where we work together to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We will then start the process of searching for a position that is compatible with the skills you have to offer.

All the facilities for job seeking are available at our offices and you are welcome to use them if this is not possible at home.

We would recommend that voluntary work or work experience is considered if paid work is not immediately available as this helps you get back into the routine of work and also looks better on your CV. There are many voluntary organisations in Slough and our support staff can arrange meetings with them on your behalf. Ongoing support is available for both you and your employer once you start work.

We have a good relationship with Jobcentre Plus and specifically the Disability Employment Advisor, who can arrange a review of your benefit situation once you have been offered paid work.

Applying for work

We can help you look for work, this will include job seeking using the internet, jobcentre and the local press – in fact any method we can think of to find out about vacancies in the Slough area.

If you need help completing application forms and arranging interviews, we will support you and also ensure you have an up to date CV that emphasises all your skills and abilities.

Training can be arranged that will help improve your chances at an interview – these include

  • confidence building
  • motivation
  • communications skills
  • assertiveness
  • employability skills
  • interview skills
  • computers for beginners.

In fact we will work with you to help make the whole job seeking process as simple and stress free as we can.

Travelling to work

We can discuss with you how you will get to work and the options available to you.

If you intend to use public transport you might be eligible for a bus pass and we can support you through the application process. We shall need to ensure the busses run at a time that coincides with your start and finish times and we will make sure you know how to complete the journey before you start work.

If you are unable to use public transport because of your disability we can help you apply for Access to Work. This is a government scheme that provides financial support to overcome work related barriers for people with a disability who are in paid work. For example, you could get some financial assistance to help pay for a taxi to get you to work and back.

Work experience

If accepted on unpaid work experience we shall set a limit to how long this arrangement is in place and use the opportunity as a chance for the employer to assess your performance and decide if they can offer you a paid position.


These places are easier to obtain and can be very beneficial especially if returning to work after a long break. The employer would need a timetable of days and times to be worked and commitment from you.

Paid work

Starting paid work means you are now an employee and will have to comply with the terms and conditions of your new employer. If however you and your employer are agreeable and think it will be beneficial, we can visit you at work to ensure you are settling in and help sort out any issues that may have arisen. We can do this on a reducing basis for as long as necessary.

Benefits advice

While moving into paid employment there may be issues around your benefits, Slough Employ-Ability can help you make an appointment with Jobcentre Plus to have a benefits assessment. This will ensure you are receiving the correct benefits based on what you are earning and the hours you are working.

Work retention

Subject to you complying with our eligibility criteria we can work with you and your employer to help you retain your job if you have become disabled in service. Full details of how we can help are available by contacting us using the details given at the end of this booklet.