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Breaking Boundaries

What is the Breaking Boundaries project?

Breaking Boundaries is a three-year project (2018 – 2021) funded by Spirit 2012. Managed by the Youth Sport Trust and Sporting Equals this programme makes the most of cricket's potential to bring different ethnic and faith communities closer together, fostering mutual friendships and creating opportunities for young people across the town.

Breaking the Boundaries in Slough

Here in Slough we are using cricket to deliver community-led approaches to help unite the town by:

  • igniting conversations between community groups to become more cohesive and develop opportunities to do more together
  • creating opportunities for young people to build leadership skills and gain qualifications
  • forging partnerships that will allow us to build positive activities and create wider opportunities
  • creating fun festival days over the year with a weekly cricket programmes for both girls and boys.

Berkshire Cricket Foundation, Slough Cricket Club and the local community have come together to help improve community cohesion and improve leadership skills for young adults.

As part of the programme we have also created the first Slough Women’s Cricket Team, breaking the boundaries for female sport provision. They meet every Wednesday at Slough Cricket Club from 6.30-7.30pm and it's free to join.

If you would like to know more about the programme and how you can get involved, or would just like to play cricket, please email Billy Cousins on for more information.

Read more about the Breaking Boundaries project.

Groups involved

After listening to the views of young people, Aik Saath and Young Carers delivered a Breaking Boundaries Challenge Day, bringing different religions and cultures together, mixing them up in the teams and challenging them to compete in a variety of sports. It was all kicked off by the cricket star Monty Panesar, giving a talk on how sport can bring communities together. This event empowered the young people and gave them a voice to put on their own event. A great example of what this programme is all about, addressing community voice and improving health and wellbeing.

Aik Saath

Find out more about Aik Saath and the work they do in the area on the Aik Saath website.

Ditton Park Academy

Ditton Park Academy is a mixed, mainstream secondary school located in Slough, Berkshire. The school has a sixth form and educates students between 11-19 years old.

Mustaqbil Future Foundation

Mustaqbill (Future) foundation is a charity which works on two main aspects of the society promoting the community cohesion and working on reducing the criminal rate by teaching, consulting and advising. As the most important aspect of a crime free society is prevent people from committing crimes. We work with those people who are at risk of offending. They are the people who are jobless and homeless. For Community cohesion we work to diminish radicalism, inter-faith and intra-faith tensions and develop the platforms for interaction and discourse between Muslims, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, Budhas, Non-Believers and Christian communities and preventing people from committing crimes. Please visit the foundation's website to find out more about their impact in the community.

Paving the Way

Headed by Sabeena, a community wonder woman, Paving the Way has introduced a new All Star cricket programme to the local community at Manor Park. They also created an u15's cricket team and held a fantastic community event filled with cricket activity, including cricket bracelet making and cricket face painting. They are creating opportunities for young people in that area to play and engage in cricket and that will continue the next few years. Follow Paving the Way on twitter to see all the amazing work they do.

SWAT Youth Club

SWAT Youth Club has been a great supporter of the programme this year, helping run the Tea20, leading on the YLCT and co-creating and supporting the Slough Unity Cricket Tournament with the Mustaqbil Foundation. Their community event brought different ethnicities and cultures together through a fun one day cricket tournament, which allowed the players to learn more about different communities. In turn this improved our common vision, sense of belonging, relationships, networks, and trust. Find out more on the SWAT website.

Slough Cricket Club

Slough Cricket Club, for the first time ever, has created an u9’s girls' team, offering weekly sessions and free membership to any girl wanting to play cricket. This is a huge step in provision for girls to play cricket in Slough and the girls section will continue to grow as word spreads. In partnership with Berkshire Cricket Foundation they showcased this year success with a Women’s and Girls' Festival. Find out more on the Slough Cricket Club website.

Slough Integration Services

Slough Integration Services was established to encourage the community spirit. It is a place where people of different ages, races, cultures can come together and unite to create and culture positivity and progress.

Young Carers

You can find out more about the support available for young carers on the council's website.

If you are an organisation and want to get involved, please email

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