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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Venus Suite 2, St Martins Place, 51 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3UF

Contact: Nicholas Pontone  01753 875120

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Declarations of Interest

All Members who believe they have a Disclosable Pecuniary or other Interest in any matter to be considered at the meeting must declare that interest and, having regard to the circumstances described in Section 4 paragraph 4.6 of the Councillors’ Code of Conduct, leave the meeting while the matter is discussed.


Councillor Pantelic declared that she was the Council’s outside body representative on Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust (as a stakeholder governor) and on Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Council of Governors).


Minutes of the last meeting held on 14th January 2019 pdf icon PDF 64 KB


Resolved –  That the minutes of the meeting held on 14th January 2019 be approved as a correct record.


Action Progress Report pdf icon PDF 60 KB


An Action Progress Report was received that updated the Board on the recently completed and outstanding actions arising from previous meeting.


The following updates and actions were noted:


·  ICS system leader, Fiona Edwards, to be invited to a Board meeting in the summer of 2019.

·  Updated version of the ICS Operational Plan to be circulated to the Board.

·  Board Members to be given the opportunity to comment on the CCG Operational Plan, either at a future meeting if the timelines permitted, otherwise virtually.

·  An update was provided on the progress of the work agreed on youth violence.  Discussions would be taken forward through the Safer Slough Partnership initially before any further reports to the SWB.


Resolved –  That the Action Progress Report be noted.


First Annual Report on Immunisations & Screening in Slough pdf icon PDF 104 KB

Additional documents:


SBCs Service Lead Public Health, Dr Liz Brutus, introduced the first annual report on immunisations and screening in Slough.


The importance of immunisation and screening programmes in keeping people well was clearly evidences, however, rates in Slough were relatively low.  Take up reflected health inequalities with the most disadvantaged sections of the population less likely to be immunised and screened.  There was also relatively low rates in some BAME communities.  The report set out the significant progress that had been made to maximise programme coverage and uptake locally and the challenges to delivering further improvement.  An Action Plan was being developed with partners to build on the good work to date.


The Board discussed various aspects of the report including the potential role of partners such as the Fire Service in raising awareness of programmes as part of the their visits and community activities.  Some pilot work had taken place this year and further opportunities could be explored, including with work being done with schools.  It was suggested that airlines and travel agents be engaged to promote vaccinations ahead of foreign travel.  Requests were often made at short notice causing local pressures and a more planned approach would be beneficial.  It was recognised that there were opportunities to work with a wide range of bodies such as partners, schools, businesses etc. although capacity and prioritisation were issues.  The Public Health team was commissioning some health beliefs research which would provide useful information on the attitudes and perceptions to immunisations which could help inform future programmes.  There were variations across practices and sharing from good practice would therefore be important.


It was recommended that the Board review the Action Plan and it was agreed to do this in September, after the health beliefs research had been completed.  It was agreed to receive annual reports each year in the future.


Resolved –


(a)  That the action being taken to deliver the national programmes for immunisation and screening and their progress in tackling health inequalities in Slough be noted.


(b)  That the Local Action Plan be considered by the Board in September 2019.


(c)  That an annual report on immunisations and screening from NHS England be considered every year in future.


Terms of Reference, Membership and Outcome of January Away Day pdf icon PDF 183 KB


The Board considered a report on the SWB terms of reference, including membership, and the next steps following the Board’s Away Day held in January 2019.


There was a lengthy discussion about the Board’s focus and terms of reference.  It was noted that historically, the SWB was a ‘hybrid’ combining the statutory functions of a health and wellbeing board as well as setting the strategic direction for partnership working in Slough.  It was agreed to add some wording to the terms of reference to include reference to the whole system place based approach that was being taken.


In relation to membership, the Chair reported that discussions had been held with Wexham Park Hospital and it was hoped that a representative would join the board in the future.  No progress had been made regarding the current vacancies for business representatives.  Various suggestions were made about further widening the membership for example with schools, safeguarding and children’s services, however, it was noted that work had begun to seek to clarify and streamline governance in these area which sought to rationalise boards.


During the course of the discussion, it was recognised that there were areas of overlap between partnerships and it was agreed that further clarity on roles and responsibilities would be helpful in some areas.  The Council’s Policy team had conducted some mapping work of partnership relatively recently and this could be circulated.  The Council’s Cabinet would consider a business case on its Transformation Programme in April and it was suggested that the governance issues raised relating to strategic partnership be taken forward as part of the this work.  This was agreed.


Resolved –


(a)  That the terms of reference as at Appendix A to the report be endorsed subject to the inclusion of a reference to the whole system, place based approach being taken.


(b)  That the partnership governance issues raised during the course of the discussion be progressed as part of the Council’s Transformation Programme.


(Cate Duffy left the meeting)


Frimley Health & Care Integrated Care System Update pdf icon PDF 81 KB

Additional documents:


The Board received an update on the progress being made to deliver the Frimley Health & Care Integrated Care System (ICS).  Input was still welcome from partners on the Operational Plan and members were invited to provide any feedback.


The Chair briefly provided feedback on the recent visit undertaken to Wigan to learn from the work their were doing and it was agreed to add an item to the next agenda in May to consider the learning points on the Wigan Deal in more detail.


Resolved –  That the update on the Frimley Health & Care Integrated Care System be noted.


(Lloyd Palmer left the meeting)


Thames Valley Police - Drug Diversion Programme


Superintendent Grahame and Temp. Chief Inspector Jason Kew gave a presentation on Thames Valley Police’s drug diversion programme.


The diversion programme was an evidence based approach to dealing with the approximate 3,500 people arrested in the Thames Valley for possession of drugs, the majority of which were for cannabis.  It was noted that drug use was increasing; drug related deaths had risen 60% nationally since 2012; and drug related hospital admissions was also on the rise and were costly to the system.  The majority of drug related problems were caused by a minority of users.  The diversion programme was explained and it sought to change behaviour by applying community resolutions and providing access to drug services and education.  It was emphasised that the approach was not decriminalisation, although a community resolution was invisible to a DBS check.  The approach was considered to be more effective and provided better outcomes for people, although it required joined up services particularly to help people with complex needs.


The Board recognised the wide range of potential benefits in reducing drug related offences and the wider impacts to a range of public services.  The approach was broadly welcomed although it was commented that any increase in the number of people using drugs services was likely to have resource implications.  It was agreed that a Task & Finish Group be established to explore the way forward which would include Thames Valley Police, Slough Borough Council, NHS, VCS and perhaps expertise from external agencies that could contribute to the approach.


At the conclusion of the discussion, the chair thanked T/Chief Inspector Kew for his presentation.


Resolved –


(a)  That the presentation of the TVP drug diversion programme be noted.


(b)  That a Task & Finish Group be established to explore the opportunities of this approach, to include TVP, SBC, NHS and VCS.


Director of Public Health's Annual Report 2018/19


The Board noted that the Director of Public Health’s Annual Report 2018/19 would focus on wellbeing in the workplace and that it would be brought to the Board for consideration in September 2019.


Resolved –  That the Board consider the Director of Public Health’s Annual Report 2018/19 at the meeting in September 2019.


Wider Determinants of Health - Priorities for Slough pdf icon PDF 72 KB

Additional documents:


The SBC Service Lead Public Health, Dr Brutus, introduced a report that sought to further develop and refine the discussion about the wider determinants of health.


The following five wider determinants had been identified and the Board was asked to agree those which it wished to prioritise for further work:


·  Housing

·  Planning

·  Asset based approach to support community health/wellbeing/ resilience

·  Employment and business

·  Serious youth violence


Following the discussion about drug diversion it was suggested that this be added as a sixth potential area for further work.  The Board agreed that the asset based approach to support health / wellbeing / resilience was a clear fit with the Board’s remit and priorities.  It was therefore decided that this should be prioritised along with serious youth violence which had been agreed at the Away Day in January as an area to focus partnership working and drug diversion.


Resolved –  That the asset based approach, serious youth violence and drugs diversion be prioritised to take forward as part of the wider determinants of health approach.


(Lisa Humphreys left the meeting)


Forward Work Programme pdf icon PDF 93 KB


The Forward Work Programme for future meetings was considered.  The following items were agreed for the next meeting on 8th May, and all other items would be removed from the plan:


·  Visit feedback on the Wigan Deal.

·  SWB Annual Report.

·  Annual Review of Joint Wellbeing Strategy priorities and Terms of Reference.

·  Disability Task & Finish Group.

·  Sexual health services update.

·  Forward Work Programme.


Resolved –  That the Forward Work Programme be agreed subject to above. amendments.


Slough Prevent Board (Six Month Progress Report) pdf icon PDF 96 KB


An information report was received on the recent work of the Slough Prevent Board including activity to meet the Prevent Duty created by the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015.


Resolved –  That the work of the Prevent Board and its Action Plan, as at Appendix A, to the report be noted.


SBC Five Year Plan 2019-2024 pdf icon PDF 81 KB

Additional documents:


An information report was received that updated on the review of the Council’s Five Year Plan.


Resolved –  That the content of the Council’s Five Year Plan be noted.


Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Update pdf icon PDF 101 KB


An information report was received that updated on the position regarding homelessness and rough sleeping in Slough since the previous report to the Board in November 2018.


Resolved –


(a)  That the report be noted.


(b)  That it be noted that there was no indication from government that the Rough Sleeper Initiative money would be available from 2020/21.


Attendance Report pdf icon PDF 45 KB


Resolved –  That the Members’ Attendance Record be noted.


Date of Next Meeting - 8th May 2019, 5pm


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 8th May 2019 at 5pm.