Agenda item

Report on NASACRE Conferences - Verbal update by Jo Fageant


The Chair provided a verbal update on the NASACRE conference held in March 2011 around the theme “Whose RE is it anyway?”. The conference was well attended by delegates from across the country and the Chair advised that she led a workshop at the conference on the contribution of different faith communities to SACREs.  There was a full report available on the NASACRE website which members could access if they wished. There was an award presented at the Conference to Clare Dempsey a year 11 pupil who produces videos for YouTube and has a blog promoting RE.


The NASACRE AGM which took place in May focussed on the work of young people and members of a youth SACRE spoke to the meeting about a project they had worked on.  The Chair of the RE Council spoke to the AGM on the challenges facing RE and issues arising due to spending cuts such as the uncertain position for NASACRE and SACREs loosing professional support were also discussed. A member raised a query about professional support for primary school teachers and was advised that the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education ran courses and offered support to local groups.