Agenda item

Review of the Council's Flag Regulations


It was moved by Councillor Swindlehurst,

Seconded by Councillor Anderson,


“That the recommendations as set out in the report be approved and adopted”. 


The recommendations were put and carried unanimously. 




(a)  That the Council’s Flag Regulations be amended to allow for:


(1)  The Union Flag to be flown on all days that the Council is open for business, and other nationally significant occasions that fall on the weekend and public holidays.

(2)   The Civic Flag (Borough Coat of Arms) to be flown on all days that the Council is open for business.

(3)   A flag bearing the Slough Borough Council corporate logo to be flown on all days the Council is open for business apart from days of significant English occasions, including weekend and public holidays, when the St. George’s Flag be flown in its place.


(b)  That Planning approval be sought as necessary under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007 (SI 20007 No 783). 


Supporting documents: