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Agenda item

Private Hire Conduct Hearing- (Ref 03-16)


The Following is a Part 1 summary of the case:


The Licensing Sub-Committee was asked to consider whether Private Hire  Driver (Reference 03-16) was a fit and proper person to continue to hold a Private Hire licence in Slough.


The Licensing Manager summarised the background to the case and discussed the relevant Policy and Legislative considerations. He advised Members that the Sub-Committee could only allow an Applicant to hold a Licence if it was satisfied that the applicant was a ‘fit and proper’ person to do so.


The Sub-Committee was advised that the Driver was the current holder of both a Private Hire Driver and Vehicle Licence, issued by Slough Borough Council. The Driver was convicted of an offence relating to a domestic incident and had voluntarily notified the Licensing Team of his conviction.  No complaints had ever been received about his conduct as a taxi driver and he had not previously acquired any convictions or cautions. He was not judged by the police to be a danger to the public.


The Driver addressed the Sub-Committee, and presented evidence in mitigation.


The Sub-Committee carefully considered all the evidence at its disposal.  

Resolved -  That the Private Hire Driver’s licence (ref 03-16) be suspended for 2 weeks and that the Driver be issued with a formal warning.