Agenda item

SACRE Annual Report


Members noted and agreed the SACRE Annual report subject to it being amended to record Cllr Bedi’s attendance and clarified that Lent Rise School was in Buckinghamshire.


Members discussed the exam results section of the Annual Report and commented that the low numbers of students taking Religious  Education (RE) A level exams at Beechwood, Wexham and St Joseph’s Catholic Schools was disappointing. However, it was acknowledged that whilst students were required to follow an RE course, they did not have to sit the exams and this may have been reflected in the results.


Anne Andrews (Professional Advisor for this meeting) suggested that it would be useful to compare the results for each school with other subjects taken by student to get a fuller picture.


With regard to a request for training to be provided for A level RE teachers, it was noted that targeting training for teachers at this level would be difficult and that it would be more appropriate to recommend that schools explored training provided by exam boards. The SACRE Advisor would investigate the issue. 


Resolved – That the SACRE Annual report be approved subject to   the    amendments set out above.

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