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Agenda item

Adult Social Care- Local Account 2016-17


The Market Development Manager introduced the draft Adult Social Care Local Account 2016-17 which detailed the activities and performance for the year to March 2017.


The document set out the progress that had been made in supporting people to live independently in their own home, strengthen community connections, support communities to be more resilient, invest in preventative support and improve public health.  In response to feedback, the Local Account this year made greater use of service user’s experiences and case studies.  Members welcomed this approach.


The Panel reviewed the performance indicators as set out in the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) data as detailed in the Appendix to the report.  Slough had improved performance on 10 indicators out of 26 during the year, however, the figures overall were worse than the previous year.  This was largely attributed to the fact that peoples expectations and perceptions of a service as reflected in the survey data often took some time to shift despite the work being undertaken.  Members asked how they could support this work and it was agreed that they be involved in the communications and engagement strategy which was being developed.


A Member raised a point about the primary use of Salt Hill Park, of which the Council was the Trustee, to promote ‘physical activity’ and the Panel asked that this be widely promoted.


At the conclusion of the discussion, the Local Account was noted.


Resolved –  That the presentation on the Adult Social Care Local Account 2016-17 be noted.

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