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Funding Formula changes for 2018/19


Further to the previous Schools Forum meeting, a consultation had been conducted with schools, putting forward three funding options.  This had now closed, with a 41% return, the majority of which were in favour of ‘Option 2’, moving halfway towards implementation of the NFF funding rates.  A revised set of modelling of schools’ budgets had been drawn up as per the final DfE budget allocation which was based on the October 2017 census figures. This had resulted in approximately £342,000 additional funding to share amongst schools. The Task Group had met on Monday 15 January and decided to put forward two options for the sharing of these monies:


1.  Based on total balance available;

2.  Based on the presumption that Schools Forum would agree to transfer funding to CSSB of £176,000 (as discussed previously); a remainder of £165,000 was left to be allocated equitably across schools.  Schools Forum approved the recommendation of the Task Group to allocate this funding in proportion across the factors in the formula.


A question was raised about the income from fining parents in relation to attendance. It was agreed that the response would be shared with Schools Forum.


It was noted that the final Schools Block APT return had to be submitted to the DfE on Friday 19 January.


The meeting moved to agenda item number 8:

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