Agenda item

Revocation/Suspension of a Personal Licence


The Following is a Part 1 summary of the case:


The Licensing Sub-Committee was asked to consider the Appellant was a fit and proper person to continue to hold a Personal Licence.


The Licensing Manager summarised the background to the case and discussed the relevant Policy and Legislative considerations. He advised Members that in December 2017, the Licensing Team were informed that during a joint operation between the London Borough of Hillingdon and the West London Immigration Compliance Enforcement Team, officers found an individual employed at Muskan Food and Wine who was found to be an illegal overstayer in contravention of Section 24(1)(b)(i) of the Immigration Act 1971. Members were reminded that an Immigration Civil Penalty was regarded as a ‘relevant offence’ under Schedule 4 of the Licensing Act 2003 and as such Members had authority to revoke or suspend the Appellant’s Personal Licence for a period of up to six months. 


It was also brought to Members’ attention that the Appellant had held two Premises’ Licences which had both subsequently also been revoked by Hillingdon Borough Council.


The Sub-Committee carefully considered all the evidence at its disposal. In reaching its decision, the Sub-Committee’s primary concern was promotion of the statutory licensing objectives and specifically the prevention of crime and disorder.    

Resolved -  That the Personal Licence be revoked in accordance with Section 132A(3)(b) and 132A(8) of the Licensing Act 2003.