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Schools Block Budget - Draft Authority Proforma Tool (APT) 2019/20 and Budget Confirmation Timeline 2019/20


Copies of the APT were circulated at the meeting and it was noted the final version was to be submitted on Monday 21 January.  The first page showed all Slough schools and the provisional revenue budget based on unit rates set at 65% to NFF.  The numbers on roll gave an indication of how many children the LA had estimated would be on roll compared to the October 2018 census; the figures had been very close in the majority of cases.  It was confirmed that this information was the primary factor for funding and the actual number of pupils used in the consultation had been 27,552.  The reception uplift was highlighted, where the LA had estimated pupil numbers higher than actual.


The figures gave provisional 2019/20 school budgets.  It was confirmed that the additional £100,000 released by reducing the Growth Fund top slice, as agreed by Schools Forum in December 2018, had been distributed back to schools through the formula.


Nic Barani explained there was currently dialogue with the DfE about the continuation funding stream. The outcome of those discussions could affect the final figures marginally. 


Copies of the APT proforma were circulated, showing how the settlement was distributed across the formula factors, including 0.61% top sliced and allocated to Growth Fund. 


It was confirmed individual breakdowns of budget share could be provided for academy schools, as was the case with maintained schools. In response from a question regarding the primary/secondary ratio, it was noted that moving towards NFF rates was the priority throughout the 5-16 Task Group discussions rather than consideration of the ratio.  However, it was noted that the ratio was reducing over time. 


The final submitted APT figures would be presented at the next meeting of Schools Forum, but no significant changes were anticipated.

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