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De-delegated funding for behaviour support services


The Chair explained that the four maintained representatives on Schools Forum had been invited to vote on the principle of de-delegation of funding to SEBDOS for 2019/20.  The purpose of this vote was to confirm whether a de-delegation proposal needed to be brought to Schools Forum for approval. Three of the four representatives had responded, two representing the primary sector, one representing secondary and all three had voted against the principle of de-delegating funding in 2019-20. It was confirmed that it would therefore not be necessary for any delegation of funding from maintained schools’ budgets to be included in the Schools Block APT.


It was stressed that this was not a comment on the SEBDOS Service itself but a wish to align the funding methodology across maintained schools and academies.


There was a willingness amongst schools to carry on working with SEBDOS. Jo Matthews added that she had arranged to meet with all the maintained schools to discuss the principle of SLAs. To date, the feedback received had been positive, with the majority indicating they would continue to buy into the service.


A supporting paper was tabled at the meeting which would be posted on the SBC website.


The meeting moved to items 10 and 11 on the agenda:

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