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Early Years Centrally Retained Funds 2019/20


A report had been made available explaining the reduction to the Early Years Centrally Retained Funds 2019/20, giving line by line detail as requested by members.  The Early Years Inclusion Funding (Grant) gave details of financial support to the LA and central Early Years statutory expenditure duty, separated out for information.


It was noted that, due to the reduction in DSG funding by approximately £50,000, proposals had been put forward to reduce the service. The funding for 2, 3 and 4-year olds, which had been extended to cover 30 hours, was a statutory provision.  It was proposed that SEBDOS was retained at £42,000.  The £25,000 reduction proposed for practical support could be justified as that figure had historically not been fully utilized; the reduced figure of £50,000 allocated was manageable but would be reviewed mid-year. Further savings included the loss of a member of staff, whose work would be covered by colleagues and another member of staff had reduced their hours.


Other aspects had increased and the funding for 2, 3 and 4-year olds had to be maintained. There had been one year to ensure the model was fit for purpose and it was now being shared by the DfE as an exemplar with other LAs.  There would be in-year adjustments during 2019/20 which were, as always, subject to change.


Schools Forum members noted and agreed the use of Centrally Retained Funds 2019/20 for the Early Years block.

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