Agenda item

Meeting Procedure


A suggested procedure for debating the item on the Revenue Budget 2019/20 had been circulated to all Members of the Council. 


It was moved by Councillor Swindlehurst,

Seconded by Councillor Hussain,


“That in accordance with procedure rule 27.1, Rule 16.5 on rules of debate be suspended insofar as is necessary to enable the procedure as circulated to be adopted and that the Council consent to:


  • Members of the Leadership speaking for up to 50 minutes in total on the Revenue Budget 2019/20;
  • Members of the Opposition speaking for up to 20 minutes in total on the same item;
  • Independent Member speaking for up to 5 minutes in total, and
  • All subsequent speeches in the debate being limited to 3 minutes, other than the winding up speech by the Leader of the Council which shall not exceed 10 minutes.”


The procedural motion was put and carried. 


Resolved  – That the proposed procedure for the debate on the Revenue Budget 2019/20 be approved and adopted.