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Agenda item

Performance and Projects Report: Quarter 2 2019/20


The Strategic Programme Management Office Manager introduced a report and provided a PowerPoint presentation that set out the latest performance information for Quarter 2, 2019/20. 


The report included progress against the Corporate Balanced Scorecard indicators; updates on the 28 projects in the portfolio; and the current manifesto commitments.


Members were informed that the Corporate Balanced Scorecard showed that 41% (9 of 22) of the selected performance indicators were achieving the desired target results, 18% (4 indicators) were performing under target.  Key improvements had been made during Quarter 2 on the percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling/composting, the average journey times within Slough, and the attainment gap at Early Year’s Foundation Stage.


With regard to the Project Portfolio, progress continued on all major schemes and projects.  Across all projects on the portfolio 39% (11 projects) were rated as ‘Green’ (on target), 50% (14 projects) were rated overall as ‘Amber’ and 11% (3 projects) were rated overall as ‘Red’.  One project, Speech and Language Therapy commission had completed during Quarter 2.


It was reported that there were currently 43 Manifesto pledges across the Council’s key areas.  At the end of Quarter 2, 79% (34 pledges) were rated overall as ‘Green’ (achieving or on schedule) and 16% (7 pledges) were rated overall as ‘Amber’ (working towards target) and 5% (2 pledges) were reported as delivered.  No pledges were rated overall as ‘Red’.  One Manifesto pledge – ‘We will open outdoor gyms in Baylis & Stoke, Colnbrook, Cippenham Green, Cippenham Meadows and Farnham wards’ had been delivered during the Quarter 2 period.


Following the conclusion of the presentation, the Chair invited comments and questions from the Committee.


Members raised the following points:


·  It was noted that the number of homeless households accommodated by the Council in temporary accommodation had a ‘Red’ status.  A Member asked for some additional information regarding the number of approaches for housing the Council received.  The Strategic Programme Management Office Manager agreed to seek further information and circulate a response to the Committee.

·  A Member asked why food recycling had not yet been implemented in Slough.  The Strategic Programme Management Office Manager agreed to seek this information from the relevant department and circulate a response to the Committee.

·  Concern was raised in relation to the increase in total crime rates per 1,000 population, which had changed from a ‘Green’ to ‘Red’ status.  A Member asked what the Council was doing to address this and in particular the issue of knife crime.  It was explained that the Council monitored crime rates through the Safer Slough Partnership.  A Violence Taskforce had recently met to develop an Action Plan to address knife crime in Slough.  The details of the Action Plan would be shared with Members in due course. 

·  Further concern was raised in relation to gang culture and a Member asked what provisions were in place to divert young people away from involvement in gangs and knife crime.  The Service Lead Communities and Leisure explained that there was a variety of youth provisions throughout Slough and the Violence Taskforce had developed a comprehensive prevention strategy to address these issues.  He suggested that the issue of knife crime could be considered further at a future Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting.




(a)  That the Overview and Scrutiny Committee noted the Council’s current performance, as measured by the performance indicators within the balanced scorecard, the progress status of the gold projects and the manifesto commitments.


(b)  That the Strategic Programme Management Office Manager be requested to circulate responses to the queries raised during consideration of the report and presentation, as detailed above.

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