Agenda item

Forward Work Programme


The Policy Insight Manager presented the Forward Work Programme and updated Members as follows:


30th January 2020

It was reported that Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust was not currently progressing with the plan to transfer the Trust to a Wholly Owned Subsidiary and alternative options were being considered.  Therefore, it was suggested that this item be removed from the list of reports for the 30th January meeting, and be rescheduled pending further information being received. 


12th March 2020

A Member requested that the Youth Engagement Strategy, including information relating to youth crime, be presented at the 12th March Committee meeting.


16th April 2020

The Policy Insight Manager reported that Heathrow representatives were available to attend the 16th April 2020 meeting to provide an update regarding Heathrow Expansion - economic development, skills and employment in Slough.  Members agreed to consider this item at the April meeting.


Resolved – That, subject to the updates detailed above, the Forward Work Programme 2019/20 be approved, as set out in Appendix A of the report.

Supporting documents: