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Committee details

Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

The Planning Committee is appointed by Council and determines planning applications for major development. The majority of applications received by Development Control are minor applications and are decided by Officers under the Council’s scheme of delegation to Officers. 


The Planning Committee meets each month. Slough Borough Council has a public participation scheme that allows for speaking about a planning application that is to be determined by the Planning Committee.  You may speak if:-

(a)  you have made a written objection or lodged a petition and

(b)  registered to speak.


If further information is required regarding the Planning Committee, then please contact Nick Pontone, Senior Democratic Services Officer on 07514 939 642.



Contact information

Support officer: Nicholas Pontone. 07514 939 642

Postal address:
Observatory House
25 Windsor Road

Phone: 07514 939 642


Web site: