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Covid19 Safe Distancing on Pavements

We the undersigned petition the council to apply clear signs and road markings informing cyclists to use the cycle paths and roads and not to use the pavements for riding bikes as well as informing pedestrians to also adhere to safe distancing.

There has been a big increase of cyclists and pedestrians who do not adhere to safe distancing on public footpaths. As a result vulnerable and elderly people cannot walk in safety. I am seeing a huge increase of cyclists not only riding on pavements but also speeding and riding erratically.

Clear signage and road markings must be put up to inform cyclists to use the roads and follow the one-way system and adhere to the high way code and to give residents clear warnings in the most popular languages on the census and inform them to not put others at risk.

Also, on Slough Road towards Eton, Windsor, you must also put signage there as many people are put at risk from cyclists again.

This ePetition runs from 03/06/2020 to 03/09/2021.

One person has signed this ePetition.