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Put speed safety measures in place on St Laurence Way

We the undersigned petition the council to Put speed safety measures in place on St Laurence Way at where drivers exit the roundabout in way of speed bumps, zebra crossing or a speed camera.

Drivers come off the red cow roundabout onto St Laurence way as if they are on a race track. This particularly happens when the drivers are coming from either the Datchet exit or Mere road as the don’t want to slow down. In my personal experience this has happened to me at least 50 times In the past 8 years since my kids started at St Mary’s school. Hundreds of children and parents cross this road to make their way to St Mary’s school and there are multiple near misses everyday as we witness drivers exiting the roundabout at incredible speeds. Unfortunately due to the nature of the location you cannot foresee a vehicle coming in most cases and have already proceeded to cross the road when a speeding vehicle suddenly appears. This is also a danger for drivers coming out from Albert Street for the same reasons. It is sheer dumb luck that nobody has been killed. Parents are too scared to cross the road and both them and the school (St Mary’s on yew tree road) have expressed concerns to the council before as have I but nothing has been done. We need safety measures put in place before somebody (quite possibly a child) is severely hurt.

This ePetition ran from 16/06/2020 to 18/09/2020 and has now finished.

16 people signed this ePetition.