Help us stop the phantom tree feller

Published: 28 July 2017

Residents are being asked to keep watch over the trees in Upton Court Park after a mystery person has cut down six large trees.

Around six months ago, a substantial tree near the rugby club was found chopped up and it was assumed to be a one off, but now five more trees have been either completely felled or stripped of their branches ready for felling.

Councillor Joginder Bal, cabinet member for leisure and environment, said: “This damage is not from some kids mucking about and nor is it accidental.

“Someone is going out of their way to fell some of the large trees in Upton Court Park; these are not broken saplings, it would take a chainsaw to do the immense damage we have seen.

“Last year we planted more than 150 new trees in Slough and we know most residents appreciate and treat with respect our plants, trees, parks and open spaces.

“It is upsetting that, in the midst of a campaign we are running to encourage people to Love Slough’s Parks and all the improvements we have taking place to our parks across the town, someone thinks it is acceptable to do this kind of damage.”

He added: “If you are in Upton Court Park or any of our parks and you see someone cutting down the trees, please do not assume it is us, as it isn’t.

“Our trees are precious and the only time we would fell a tree would be if it was dead, diseased or dangerous.

“Don’t approach the person, but please call the police right away and report it. It is a crime and it is not acceptable.”

The parks team and the council’s tree officer have also found stacks of cut wood in the park, leading them to believe someone may be cutting the trees down to sell the wood.

Residents are encouraged to call the police to report any incident on 101 or in case of an emergency, 999.

If anyone wants to report a parks tree which has been damaged by such activity please call the parks team on 01753 875514.

The Love Slough’s Parks campaign can be found on facebook at