Popular allotments encourage healthy eating and exercise

Published: 05 March 2018

The council’s allotment sites have become so popular that for the first time, four sites out of twelve are completely full.

In total 878 residents now have an allotment and are benefitting from healthy, good value food, exercise through gardening and getting social with other allotment holders.

And, from as little as £25 per year, an allotment can give you your own fruit and vegetable garden and provide you with an abundance of good food.

The sites at Spencer Road, Sampsons, Horse Moor Green and Green Drive are now full.

However, there are 87 vacancies at other sites across the borough, so residents who are interested in getting an allotment should contact the council quickly if they want to go on the waiting list for a spot at one of these.

If you already have an allotment site, now is the time to get ready for the next planting season and prepare the ground ready for growing your produce.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for environment and leisure, said: “It is fantastic that our allotments are so popular. It just proves that many residents enjoy getting back to basics, growing their own produce, cooking from scratch and getting fitter while doing so.

“We launched our #BeRealistic campaign this week, and running an allotment is exactly how you can make small changes to become healthier and fitter. Healthier by introducing lots more organic fruit and veg into your diet, and fitter from maintaining your allotment site.

“I would urge other residents who are interested in having an allotment to get in touch quickly as the other sites are filling up too! You don’t have to take on a full sized plot, to make it manageable half sized plots are on offer too.

“You could also see your produce winning best in show at the Horticultural Show in August, which we are running with The Slough Allotment Federation.”

If you are interested in taking on an allotment, visit http://www.slough.gov.uk/leisure-parks-and-events/allotments.aspx

The council works very closely with the Slough Allotment Federation and its volunteers to support allotment holders and provide them with a wealth of information and knowledge about running a successful allotment. To find out more visit http://www.sloughallotmentfederation.co.uk/