Cabinet to approve new low emission strategy

Published: 14 September 2018

Slough Borough Council’s cabinet members are set to approve the Slough Low Emission Strategy (LES) at their next meeting on Monday.

The council’s LES, which forms part of the Slough Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP), lays out an integrated, year on year plan to improve air quality over the period until 2025; through a reduction in vehicle emissions by accelerating uptake of cleaner fuels and technologies.

Like many areas of the UK, Slough experiences elevated levels of air pollution which has a marked impact on the health of its residents.

While several factors contribute to the borough’s air quality, the emissions from road transport vehicles are the most significant source.

Reducing air pollution from road transport through a low emission strategy is a Slough Labour Party manifesto pledge and improving the borough’s air quality is a key commitment in the council’s Five Year Plan (2017-2021).

The LES builds on significant activity already taking place across the borough, including:

• the development of an extensive cycling infrastructure - including cycle hire facilities
• modifying licensing regulation to ensure the borough’s taxis move towards adopting ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV)
• equipping parking enforcement officers with electric cars and bikes for use on patrol
• leading the way in electric motoring with one of the highest ULEV registrations in the country
• the introduction of electric charge points in the town centre and at various council premises due to an upward trend in use
• partnering with Thames Valley Buses to trial the first full electric bus along the Green Line 703 service
• providing electric pool cars and bikes for use by council staff.

The LES also supports three key priorities within the Slough Joint Wellbeing Strategy:

• protecting vulnerable children
• increasing life expectancy by focusing on inequalities
• improving mental health and wellbeing.

Councillor Rob Anderson, cabinet member for environment and leisure, said: “The council has developed a low emission strategy which supports our transport strategy in targeting reductions in vehicle emissions across the borough.

“The health and wellbeing of our residents and the people who visit and work in Slough is paramount and we can make great improvements to our local air quality if we work together towards a shared vision.

“We are committed to making immediate and long lasting improvements to our environment and we’d like residents and businesses to help us deliver our plans to create a low emission future for Slough.”

The development of Slough’s LES has been part funded through the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Air Quality Grant Programme and the strategy has been produced with technical support from Low Emission Strategies Ltd.

Download the Low Emission Strategy and supporting documents from the Slough Borough Council website.