'No excuse for abuse' towards taxi drivers

Published: 05 March 2019


Taxi drivers in Slough Borough Council licensed vehicles are saying there is ‘No Excuse for Abuse’.

Stickers are being handed out to drivers to be clearly displayed in their vehicles to raise awareness about the physical and verbal abuse suffered by taxi drivers. The stickers will also be a deterrent to passengers that they will be reported to police if drivers are abused.

The new scheme was launched by the National Private Hire Taxi Association and Private Hire & Taxi Monthly and is being supported by Slough Borough Council.

The council will be providing the ‘No Excuse for Abuse’ car stickers to all taxi and private hire drivers over the next couple of weeks to be displayed in licensed vehicles.

The scheme is supported by the taxi and private trade representatives. Ranjit Ghotra, of the Slough Taxi Driver Union, said: “We would like to express how crucial it is for the public to feel safe and also our drivers. Abusive language and behaviour is not acceptable and will be reported to the police. The stickers in this campaign will remind offenders and make them think twice. Creating awareness to the public is key.”

A spokesman for the Slough Private Hire Driver Association said: “We the PHDA are in support of the ‘No Excuse for Abuse’ campaign and for the stickers to be displayed in licensed vehicle for those drivers that are happy to display the stickers.”

Cllr Pavitar K Mann, cabinet member for regulation and consumer protection, said: "Just as we take our responsibility to passenger safety seriously, it is equally important that our taxi drivers are kept safe whilst doing their job.

“Taxi drivers provide a valuable resource to our residents and we will not put up with any abusive or disrespectful behaviour against our taxi drivers. I throw my full support behind this campaign."
The scheme is also supported by Thames Valley Police. Penny Mackenzie, Detective Chief Inspector for Slough, said: “Thames Valley Police support this initiative and would encourage private hire and hackney cab drivers to report any incidents of verbal or physical abuse to the police by calling 101.

“Most people using taxis are well behaved but a minority are abusive, physically and verbally to drivers, especially when they have had too much to drink. It is not acceptable and against the law to be abusive and violent.

“All drivers deserve to be safe whilst working and should be reassured that the police will respond if there is an immediate personal safety issue and fully investigate any reported incidents. Immediate personal safety issues should be reported by calling 999.”