Slough loves to ride

Published: 03 September 2019

A simple 10 minute cycle ride in Slough during September could lead to winning a trip to New Zealand.

Adults and children are being urged to use September as the perfect time to get on a bike to ride around the borough.

The summer holidays are over with children back to school and adults back to normal working schedules providing a great opportunity to create new habits.

And with every ride, cyclists have the opportunity to join Love to Ride Slough and the chance to log each 10 minute journey. The competition runs throughout the entire month with rides compared to other cyclists in other businesses, the borough, the country and the world.

There will also be day to day prizes as well as the opportunity for one lucky person to be awarded the cycling trip to New Zealand.

The cycling challenge is being promoted by the council’s sustainable transport team Better by who will be encouraging as many people as possible to use bikes for trips to the shops, doctors, school, and work.

The United Nations recently held its first International Bike Day stating two wheels were perfectly positioned to solve several twenty-first century problems, including air pollution, congestion, obesity and heart disease.

The Love to Ride Slough app enables members to set goals, track distance, earn badges, share photos and stories and to encourage others to ride, as well as allowing workplaces to incentivise their staff to ride and monitor cycling participation at their sites.

The aim of the September campaign is to help more people to enjoy the fun and freedom of cycling and to access the support they need to ride for transport.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for transport and the environment, said: “Cycling has so many benefits.

“It helps the rider’s health and it reduces the number of vehicles on the road and pollution created.

“September is the perfect time to create new habits with the new school term when routines start again. The borough also has the benefit of being quite small so cycling should be considered as a viable option to get around.

“With the added incentive of the possibility of winning an international trip I can’t see any reason why a regular cyclist or a new one, shouldn’t get the app and log their ride. Good luck!”

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