Autumn's a perfect time to start composting

Published: 24 September 2019

The leaves are starting to turn brown, red and yellow, the nights are drawing in and it is the perfect time to turn nature’s waste into next year’s nutrients.

Recycling Week, between 23 and 29 September, is the perfect opportunity to purchase a subsidised compost bin.

Leaves, grass clippings, fallen fruit, kitchen waste like egg shells and peelings, wood ash from open fires and wood burners as well as egg boxes, can create a nutrient rich compost to spread over borders and vegetable patches in the spring.

Simply put the items into a compost bin and over the winter months it will rot down to produce environmentally friendly compost that when added to the garden will suppress weeds and retain moisture throughout the dry months.

The benefits of home composting include reducing carbon emissions and diverting organic waste from going into the black bins. It also improves soil structure and helps the soil PH balance.

Residents can purchase a compost bin from the council and get it delivered for a small fee.
The Blackwall 220 litre black compost converter with a normal price of £18.50, is just £3 and if a second is purchased it is just an additional £1.50. It can be delivered for £5.99 for one or £10.49 for two.

Gardeners without the space for a composter can also take advantage of a green bin. The green bin is provided free of charge, when requested, and collected every other week free of charge all year round, with a break at Christmas.

However, only waste from a garden can be disposed of like grass cuttings, hedge and shrub trimmings, small branches and twigs, flowers, small plants and weeds.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for transport and environmental services, said if residents had room for a composter it was a very satisfying way to create the vital nutrients for planting in the spring.

He said: “The composters are heavily subsidised to encourage Slough residents to reduce the amount of waste they are putting into their black bins and to reuse it by creating something productive.

“However, the green bins are an excellent alternative and are free to residents who just have to fill it up with garden clippings and remember to put it out every other week.

“Autumn is the perfect time to think about getting into the garden and tidying up and getting ready for next year.”

Residents’ red recycling bins are for JUST Four items which can be recycled and includes all colours and types of glass, clean paper and cardboard, plastic in the shape of a bottle and drink and food cans. All items must be clean, dry and not put into black plastic bags.

The black bins are for tied up black bags containing everything else which needs to be thrown away like dirty nappies, pizza boxes and takeaway food containers, plastic toys, waste food and general rubbish.

Slough residents can purchase discounted compost bins by visiting the website.

Alternatively you can call 0800 316 44 54 and request the Slough Borough Council discounted rate.