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Industry Insight Day

Published: 10 March 2020

Students at Haybrook College have experienced the world of work to broaden their aspirations and career opportunities.

The council’s property, maintenance and investment partners Osborne Property Services, was among the companies and organisations which presented and organised activities for the students.

For the Osborne activity students were given roles needed in the building of property from the architect and project manager to the site manager and builders.

The design and planning roles were the only ones allowed to view a construction made of blocks. They were given varying amounts of time in relation to their role and were then expected to relay the information to their colleagues who had not seen but were expected to build a replica of it.

Claire Giacobbe, Osborne’s community investment manager, said there was a variety of ways in which the students allowed to view the construction communicated to their ‘blind’ colleagues.

“The students used different tactics to relay the information back to their colleagues who had not seen what they were being expected to build,” she said.

“Some used drawings while others worked out which blocks and how many of them they needed.

“The students were animated, engaged and enjoyed this mini project which meant they really had to use instinctive tactics due to the time pressure they were under.

“They had to really listen to each other and work collaboratively as a team, to make sure they created the correct design.

““All of these are attributes needed for the workplace.”
As part of Osborne’s social remit in the borough it is committed to helping young people acquire the skills needed to be members of a workforce, whether in apprenticeships, work experience or helping people gain the skills needed for work experience.

Haybrook College supports the education and personal development of young people with complex social and emotional needs from Slough and surrounding areas.

A spokesman for Haybrook College said: “I would like to personally thank you for giving up your day to support our Industry Insight Day.

“Feedback from students and staff was very positive and we look forward to working with you again in the future.”