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Joining forces as one to coordinate Covid-19 care

Published: 23 March 2020

Slough Borough Council has joined forces with Slough Council for Voluntary Service, SCVS, to coordinate an army of volunteers to help people in the borough.

The coordinated approach will enable the most vulnerable in the community to access assistance and advice. It will also provide a centralised place for people wanting to help by volunteering.

Bringing the services together with the assistance of the council, will allow more people to get involved in an organised and constructive way, as well as help more people.

Community, voluntary, faith, charities, the council as well as other public sector partners will be operating as one.

The collaboration will be supporting organisations such as food banks to ensure they have sufficient volunteers and supplies, to ensure transport is in place to get supplies, including food and medicines, to most vulnerable and providing a single point for the Slough community to ask questions and get answers.

People who require help can ask directly and others can nominate neighbours, friends or family members for assistance.

The process will allow volunteers to be matched with the most appropriate service as well as being given safety advice.

If people want to help but are unable to give their time there is the option to donate funds on the website which will go directly to helping people in the borough.

The current government advice is for the most vulnerable members of the community, those over 70, those over 60 with an underlying health condition, and anyone showing symptoms of the virus to self isolate. The rest of the community is being advised to stay at home and practice social distancing.

Josie Wragg, chief executive, said: “We have a fantastic community in Slough who wants to help others when life becomes challenging.

“We believe this coordinated approach between Slough Borough Council and all the excellent volunteer groups will make sure resources are being directed where they are most needed.

“If you require help and assistance visit the website or call 07933 716 914.”