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Licensing payments can now be made online

Published: 06 May 2020

The council can now accept payment online from businesses which require a licence or permit.

From private hire licence to hackney cab drivers, tattooists to beauty practitioners, scrap metal dealers to organisers of temporary events, all can now pay online.

There are 27 separate licences which the council oversees to make sure businesses are adhering to legal requirements for each of the industries.

The self service element of the website can now lead through to a licensing section where each area requiring a licence has its own category in a dropdown box.

When a payment is made the licencing team will receive a receipt and the payee is given the choice of having an electronic copy of the screen receipt sent to their email address.

Alan Sinclair, director of adults and community, said: “The council has made it much easier for businesses to pay their legally required licence fees through an online portal.

“This means businesses can remain up to date online.”

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