Burnham Station Experiment - Stage One


From Friday 16 October 2015


An experimental traffic scheme affecting Station Road, Burnham Lane and the station triangle.


  • closing Station Road to traffic in both directions at the railway bridge (access will remain for pedestrians, cyclists and mobility scooters)
  • changing the triangle to one way northbound
  • moving the bus stops opposite the railway station from Burnham Lane to the triangle and putting in a temporary shelter
  • changing Burnham Lane one way under the bridge from northbound to southbound (rest of road to remain two way)
  • changing the junction of Burnham Lane and Buckingham Avenue to a mini-roundabout
  • double yellow lining Burnham Lane from Buckingham Avenue to the Five Points junction
  • double yellow lining the eastern side of Burnham Lane from Buckingham Avenue to the A4
  • introducing resident only parking on Littlebrook Avenue
  • traffic light timing and phasing changes at Dover Road, Burnham Lane and Huntercombe Road junctions with A4.


The aim is to reduce congestion on Burnham Lane and the triangle for the benefit of local residents.

We believe the measures will:

  • stop buses blocking Burnham Lane
  • reduce the places people can turn right from Burnham Lane into the triangle
  • improve access to and from Sandringham Court
  • give right of way to southbound traffic at junction of Burnham Lane and Buckingham Avenue
  • stop commuter parking on Littlebrook Avenue.

All of which should improve journey times on Burnham Lane, with southbound showing the greatest improvements.
If these changes work well, they will support the regeneration of Burnham railway station. This will improve access to the station for everyone including people with disabilities. It will also bring a safer environment, new ticket halls and improved parking.

Why experimental:

Because there is no reliable information about what the impact on roads in the immediate and wider area will be, we are using an experimental scheme which will be closely monitored and consulted on for six months following the go live date.

An experimental scheme can also be changed quickly in the event of a major impact on other roads and junctions.

Community consultations for experimental orders begin on the go live date and any representations received before the go live date cannot be taken into account.

Diversion routes:

Diversion routes will be clearly signposted from the go live date. The diversion route signposted for northbound traffic will be via Dover Road.

Traffic will not be signposted to Huntercombe Lane North, though some drivers with local knowledge may choose to go this way and we will be monitoring the road carefully.

The closure of Station Road at the bridge will also be publicised on the large electronic signs at all the entrances to the borough and along the A4.