Burnham Station traffic scheme

Phase two

Phase two of an experimental traffic scheme, affecting Station Road, Burnham Lane and the station triangle is beginning.

As most people know, the road was closed to traffic in October as the first phase of an experiment to relieve congestion on Burnham Lane and around Burnham Railway Station.

After collecting and analysing three months of traffic data, the decision was made to trial opening the road northbound to the north of Stanhope Road.

The rest of Station Road, to the south of Stanhope Road, remains two-way operation.


From Thursday 25th February 2016


Phase two of an experimental traffic scheme, affecting Station Road, Burnham Lane and the station triangle. Phase one involved the full closure of Station Road from October 2015 to February 2016. The council are now trialling a second experimental phase which will include the following:

  • Opening Station Road at the railway bridge, to northbound only traffic, from Stanhope Road to Burnham Lane
  • Narrowing Station Road near the bridge to deter vehicles attempting to travel southbound under the bridge and to assist pedestrians crossing the road here
  • New direction and information signs
  • Traffic signal works to support the new scheme

Keeping some of the existing features of the current scheme including:

  • Station triangle being one way
  • Mini roundabout at the junction of Burnham Lane with Buckingham Avenue
  • Bus stop location remaining on Station Road at the triangle (in both directions)


The aim is to reduce congestion on Burnham Lane and the triangle for the benefit of local residents
We believe the second phase of the project will:

  • Stop buses blocking Burnham Lane
  • Improve the flow of traffic around the Burnham area
  • Allow improved access between Burnham and Cippenham
  • Allow improved access between the Burnham area and the A4 / M4

Why experimental?

An experimental scheme allows the council to closely monitor the impacts of a traffic scheme and make changes as required. The full closure of Station Road has been trialled, the northbound option is now being trialled in order to compare this against the full closure and the situation before the scheme was put in place.

Have your say

You may wish to give traffic a couple of weeks to get used to the changes before having your say on the longer term effects of the scheme.


Have your say

You can have your say on the second phase of the Burnham Station traffic scheme by completing the online questionnaire.