Become a School Admission Appeal Panel member

We have enough panel members now but will update this page when we are seeking more.

Being a panel member can be a rewarding experience for those who wish to contribute to their community and have free time during the day. You do not need any specific experience, although applications are particularly welcomed from current and former education professionals and school governors.

What the School Admission Appeal Panel does

If a parent is refused a place at their preferred school for their child or if their child has been permanently excluded from school they can appeal to an independent panel. The panel will consider the parent’s case, the reasons why the admission authority refused their child a place or excluded their child from school, and will then decide whether to allow or refuse the parent’s appeal.

Who is on the panel

The council has a pool of members and three members are selected for each hearing to decide a number of appeals. Each panel must have at least one:

  • education member: those with experience of education such as a parent of a child at school or somebody with experience in education such as a former teacher and,
  • a ‘lay’ member: those without any experience in education.