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Youth Awards 2016

Slough Youth Awards Ceremony 2016

The very first Slough Youth Awards was held in 2016 to celebrate and recognise the massive contributions young people make to our community.


Young artist

  • Winner: Xtra Art
  • Runner up: Empoword

Young ambassador

  • Winner: Sofia Cardoso
  • Runner up: Shakir Hussain

Young sportsperson

  • Winner: Regina Lubiatowska
  • Runner up: Eric Moor

Young entrepreneur

  • Winner: Masood Ul Haque
  • Runner up: Bilal Kayani

Young environmentalist

  • Winner: Shyam Fatania
  • Runner up: Eco Committee, Herschel Grammar

Young inspiration

  • Winner: Romina Ejaz
  • Runner up: Caroline Stanley

Judging panel

  • Hamzah Ahmed, Slough Youth Parliament
  • Keannah Shaw, Youth Engagement Slough Steering Group
  • Councillor Sabia Hussain, Slough Borough Council
  • Ketan Gandhi, Slough Borough Council
  • Jo Rockall, Slough Association of Secondary Heads
  • Jesal Dhokia, Slough Council for Voluntary Services
  • Claire Giacobbe, Mars Chocolate UK