Ink cartridges

Recycling ink cartridges will help to save natural resources, help raise funds towards the cost of much needed school equipment and will also help your staff, pupils and the school’s wider community achieve a more sustainable approach to the use of ink cartridges. 

How to get started

Support Your School recycling scheme is a free service and approved by us that recycles your empty ink cartridges and helps you fundraise to. You can sign up to the Support Your School recycling scheme through their website.

Once signed up you will receive a free recycling pack containing:

  • 2 recycling boxes
  • 1000 recycling bags
  • 3 recycling bag dispensers (tissue box style)
  • 500 printer stickers
  • 1 Support Your School Recycling guide.

This recycling pack contains enough materials for an average primary school to recycle for a whole year.

Did you know?

  • An average inkjet cartridge requires over half a pint (0.6 pints) of oil to manufacture.
  • It is believed around 35 million inkjet cartridges are disposed of in the UK each year, equivalent to 20-28,000 tonnes of spent cartridges.
  • Over 70% of these go straight into landfill even though they are easily recycled, it is believed that the discarded plastics will take over 1000 years to breakdown. Currently only 5% of all empty inkjet cartridges are being recycled.