Food hygiene training

Level 2 award - food safety in catering

Training is an essential part of good food hygiene practice and is a legal requirement for all food handlers. Slough Borough Council run the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Level 2 award in food safety in catering course every other month at the Council's offices. The course is designed for ALL food handlers, managers and food business owners, or individuals who want to learn about good food hygiene.

The CIEH qualifications are widely recognised within the industry and by food safety professionals.  The CIEH is recognised for their high standards, they are a professional body who set standards, accredited courses and qualifications.

Aims and objectives

Overall aim is to develop a level of understanding of the basic principles of food hygiene and safety in the catering industry. Complies with the formal training requirement showing compliance with the law and covers major aspects of food hygiene:

  • simple microbiology, toxins, spores, growth and death
  • common food hazards - physical, chemical, microbiological
  • personal hygiene - basic rules and responsibilities
  • preventing food contamination
  • managing food safety hazards
  • food poisoning, symptoms and causes
  • cleaning and disinfection
  • legal obligations including any recent or upcoming changes in the law
  • pest control
  • effective temperature control of food e.g. storage, thawing, cooking and reheating.

A short multiple choice test is held at the end of the course. Certificates are awarded to those who successfully complete the course and examination paper. Exam papers are available in a range of languages such as Urdu, and Polish, among others. Photo ID must be brought on the day of the course to confirm your identity.


The cost of this course is £67.00 per person and includes training materials, a course handbook and the cost of the exam paper.  If you have several people who require training, we can provide bespoke courses for you at your convenience. Please contact the food and safety team for further information.