Greening your business

Your business can save money and cut carbon by changing the way you use raw materials, energy and water, and how you deal with waste. Being more resource efficient can also help your business attract new customers and investors, and help you meet your legal requirements and save money.

How to become more efficient

Environment Agency - being efficient with resources including water, energy, packaging, transport, raw materials and waste benefits all businesses. It streamlines operations and can collectively save UK companies, large and small, several billions of pounds each year.

Envirowise (now WRAP) offers free, independent support to your organisation to help you become more resource efficient and save money. They also offer advice on how to manage unavoidable waste and how to work with your suppliers to maximise gains from beginning to end. Go to their website for more information and register to access their publications, online tools and events to find out more.

The Carbon Trust provide a comprehensive advice on carbon reduction for large corporate and SME’s sized businesses. They establish the environmental impact of the entire business, from the supply chain to its customers. They also identify the broader business opportunities from the move to a low-carbon economy.