Animal boarding

Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963

Anyone wishing to keep and run an animal boarding establishment at any premises (including a private dwelling) must first obtain a licence from their Local Authority. This licence is required for traditional kennels or catteries, home boarding and day creches.

A premises inspection by a licensing officer will be arranged on receipt of the complete application and appropriate fee to determine the suitability of the premises to be licensed for such purpose and each application is considered on its own merits. Where it is felt necessary a further inspection by a vet may be arranged, the fee for which is payable by the applicant.

Where a licence is granted it imposes conditions relating to the feeding, housing and welfare of the animals and that licence and any subsequent licence will expire on 31 December of the year to which the licence relates and must be renewed before the licence expiry date if the premises are to continue to operate as an animal boarding establishment.

Please Note:

If you have a complaint regarding an establishment which is licensed by Slough Borough Council or an establishment which you think may be unlicensed, please contact the licensing office to enable us to undertake an investigation.

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