Britwell neighbourhood board

The Britwell neighbourhood board has been created to represent local residents and advise the council as part of the regeneration project.

The Britwell board is working with the council and other organisations and agencies in Britwell and is a place where local people can discuss and help shape the future of Britwell though the regeneration.

In May 2011 they had the chance to see ideas from three companies bidding to be the ones chosen for the new community hub.

After the three presentations, everyone on the board got the chance ask questions before rating and ranking the options and choosing which one they preferred overall.

That information, including the comments made and any questions asked, were fed back to the council’s cabinet and had an important influence on the council’s decision.

They had the chance to formally score bids from four companies for new homes and shops on Kennedy Park, Marunden Green and Wentworth Avenue and some of the members attended the Cabinet meeting to give their views direct to the decision makers.